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“Vivaham” aka “Vivaha”- the magical word that gives birth to several butterflies inside you, whenever uttered, is actually borrowed from Sanskrit, in which it is used to describe a “Marriage” as per the Vedic way of life.

Vivaham, as the name implies, finds itself under the category of wedding services. What makes Vivaham to stand inimitable, is the technical expertise of the team. With a team of diverse, devoted, ardent and energetic professionals, organizing graceful, extravagant events anywhere in the state is a walk in the park. Vivham’s work is to transform your wedding day from a void work of art to the bash of your dreams.
Scheming and crafting are not mere arts which can be learned overnight. It is something inherent and one should nurture it properly to succeed. Vivaham is one such rare breed which is continuously ‘wow’ing each and every client with its dedicated hard work and accomplished craftsmanship. It focuses on every aspect of your celebration to ensure that it unfolds without a glitch, and with grace and ease, it works incredibly hard to make sure no facet goes unnoticed.

Vivaham tends to punctuate your big day with its elegant, timeless design aesthetic, kindness, creativity, love and savvy in all possible ways. Leaving no stone unturned, it will go above and beyond to deliver an impeccable service. Based in Erode, Vivaham is available in all destinations within the country.