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“Photography is the instrument to capture the moment. The moment of perfection that comes only once and doesn’t repeat itself.” – Edward Weston

Creating memories!

Imagine you are reading a novel. You will automatically highlight an important paragraph or page in that book, in order to read it again and again later in order to appreciate the creativity of the author. Vivaham believes wedding photography is one such highlight marker, if you consider your life as a novel.
The Wedding day is something which you will always want to remember. At some point, we had surely seen a couple cherishing and celebrating their togetherness by looking at their wedding album. They sit and wonder how time rolled so quickly and how delightful their wedding day was! Don’t you want to do the same? Don’t you want to feel the same?

Wedding Photography is an art!

At Vivaham, Wedding Photography is considered as an art and not accounted as a profession. With photos we are telling a story, the story of a lovable couple who are made for each other. With photos we are creating a memory which will be treasured till the end. With a team of wonderful technical expertise and experience, we are painting your wedding day with creativity.

Each and every photographer from Vivaham is from a proper arts background and they have extensive knowledge in the field of photography. On the other hand, they are not just mere photographers capturing some moments. We call them as Creative Photographers as they are making sure there will be something in the wedding album, that will move you to happy tears while looking back!

Our creative photographers are always on their feet to travel to any destinations.